The price of regret…


Henry Rollins was the lead singer of the Hard Core, Punk Rock band, Black Flagg.

He went on to become a television personality, writer, producer and spoken word artist.

Prior to that he worked at Häagen-Dazs.

He was the head manager…

At Häagen-Dazs…

It had nothing to do with anything that he was or longed to be.

Through a series of events he was offered an audition for his favorite band,  Black Flag.

He got the gig and then asked “now what do I do?”.

They said go home, quit your job, pack your bags and get ready to leave.

He did…

His fuel?

Knowing he wanted more out life than a job.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working  at Häagen-Dazs


If however fear, laziness or a thin skin is keeping you from living the life you long for…

Well… thats another story…

So are fear, laziness or a thin skin keeping you from living the life you long for?

If so here are a couple of questions.

Grab a pen…

– What things while not ideal are legitimately not likely to change in the next year?

– What things could change but might not because you have confused them with the last question?

– What have you been thinking about doing for the last few months but haven’t because you are overwhelmed or blinded  by the answers to the last two questions?

You now have a starting point.

And it is wildly, completely and utterly up to no one but you, whether or not you will take that first step.

And then the second…

And then the third and then the….

You get the point.

My friend PW Gopal says

“Paralysis and procrastination don’t cost you anything in the moment, but in hindsight they will cost you everything.”

The price you pay will come in a regret shaped box.

Here’s the thing, you might not get the chance to audition for your favorite band.

You might not ever have anyone come along and drop an opportunity of that magnitude in your lap.

Most people don’t.

Our road is paved with courage, discipline, honesty, creativity and endurance.

Until you take the first steps in that direction you will have what you are supposed to have.

You will not however have what you want.

You may get tons and tons of what other people want you to have but it will always leave you empty.

Henry Rollins didn’t only leave, he stayed gone and took every single gig he could get.


Because he knew full well what he had to go back to.

Welcome to Häagen-Dazs

This post is going long…

Its as much for me today as it is for you…

I’m not sorry…


Jim Rohn talks about the two kinds of pain…

I think there are more than two.

Courage is painful…

Honesty  is painful…

True creativity is painful…

Perseverance is so painful…

And yes, discipline is painful, but none of those things are as painful as regret.

3 thoughts on “The price of regret…

  1. This is powerful and thought provoking. Life is not a dress rehearsal and this post is an excellent reminder of that. We all need to contemplate what is our life purpose and seek our true happiness while we are living on this earth. Thank you Jim!

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