I’m getting coffee, can you hold on for a sec…


In line at our local coffee shop…

Talking on her phone…

Its her turn…

The barista says “Hi, how are you today?”

“medium nonfat latte” she replies, never making eye contact…

“Sure thing, that will be $3.47”

She hands him her credit card while continuing her call, staring off in the distance.

“Thanks, you can pick up your latte at the end of the counter. have a nice day”

With no acknowledgement she gets her card back and goes to get her drink.
I’m next in line

“How often does that happen?” I ask

“How often does what happen?” the barista replies

I pointed out that the person in front of me never even acknowledged  him. She said neither please nor thank you, have a nice day or anything else, for that matter.

In fact the only words she uttered (apart from those spoken into her phone) were “medium nonfat latte”.

The barista said “oh, that, that happens literally all day long, it sucks”.

Some of you will make the obvious point that we don’t know what the call was about or the particular customer’s situation.


Now back to the point…

Please don’t be like that.

Thanks!  Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “I’m getting coffee, can you hold on for a sec…

  1. I work at a local burger restaurant over the summers while I’m home. Whenever people try to order when they’re on the phone I’ll just stand there and not punch anything into the computer until they end their call. It’s entirely unnecessary.

  2. It’s terrible. I can’t stand the whole “the world is my phone booth” attitude. I often work at Panera (writing) and once spent the entire afternoon three tables away from a guy who ALSO was clearly working, except HIS three hours were all on the phone. In another language. Whatever that thing is that makes your brain go nutty when only hearing one side of a conversation (and people are always louder on their phones, because they just don’t even hear themselves), it’s even worse when you also can’t understand what’s being said. Thank goodness for earbuds and classical music.

    But back to the bad customer… it happens on both sides. I shop at odd hours (often later in the evening) and am constantly transacting with cashiers who don’t stop talking to their work buddy (or visiting friend) long enough to say hello, tell me how much the purchase costs (good thing there’s a digital readout!), or say thank you. Not to mention, as they’re talking the whole time about their after-work plans, schedule for the rest of the week, etc., they are completely NOT focused on the tasks at hand and everything takes twice as long.

    Courtesy in general is a rare commodity, it seems.

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