Dying for Love


Can you slow down for a minute?
Who do you love?
What do they know about your love for them?
How do they know?
What do you tell them?
What do you do for them to let them know?
Who do you love?
What don’t they know about your love for them?
What are you not telling them?
What are you not doing to let them know?
I’ve recently attended some pretty inspirational funeral services.
They were all the things you might imagine a funeral to be.
They were sad, complicated, tragic and yet at the same time they were inspirational.
They were a manifest mix of vulnerability and transparency as the dearly beloved shared how they really feel.
I wonder how you really feel.
I also wonder why it seems so hard to live in a way that conveys the depth of that feeling.
Is it that we can’t bear the thought that our loved ones won’t always be around to hear it?
Are we embarrassed, trapped in weak character due to our inability to be meaningfully vulnerable?
Or do we truly not know what we have until its gone?
As for the ones that have gone ahead, can they hear from there?
No one knows for sure and I would caution certainty in either direction.
One thing is for certain.
You can hear me right now and I can hear you.
Happily, the people we have said goodbye to were in the care of people who love well.
They fell asleep knowing.
Lets live making sure those in our care know.
Be clear about it.
Be overt, deliberate and creative.
We can’t lament the past.
We can choose to love, forgive and connect right now.
Who do you know that needs to “know”?
Tell them everything while you can.

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