The danger of dreaming


I am pleased to welcome a new contributor to!  Today Brittni Bowering makes her debut here at ThatLife with a piece that she and I have partnered on.  We hope you enjoy The Danger of Dreaming!

Apparently, everyone dreams. Even if you don’t remember it, you dreamt last night. The thing about dreaming when you’re sleeping is, that when you wake up, it’s always, “just a dream”. Sometimes a relief, sometimes not…

So what about the dreams we have for ourselves in our conscious life? The ones regarding our careers, our relationships and our futures. The ones we are sure will eventually end up being our reality. Should we be prepared to “wake up” one day to realize that these too were just dreams?

Although this may sound a tad pessimistic, it might be worth asking: Should your happiness really ride on the realization of your wildest dreams?

You see, the danger with dreams is that they can often close your mind to other opportunities in life. You can be so focused on a dream, that you miss out on your reality. Quick note: This absolutely does not mean that dreaming stops you from achieving! On the contrary actually. But something to keep in mind while we go on living our lives, is that the feeling of a dream (as exciting and intoxicating as it might be) isn’t as great as feeling the reality of something, well, real.

It’s important to remember that sometimes a dream is a dream, because it wasn’t meant to be a reality. How can you know the difference? Start with these three questions.


  1. What goals / deadlines will you attach to your dream to turn it into a reality? If you are unwilling to commit to meaningful action in service of your dream the dream may not be all its cracked up to be. Create an action plan and find someone to hold you accountable to your commitments.


  1. How will pursuing your dream impact your current life and the lives of those in your care? Are people going to suffer needlessly in order for you to accomplish what you are setting out to do? What relational ducks do you need to get in a row before you begin?


  1. How does this dream line up with your personal values? Is this a dream that makes the world a better place? What is your motivation and does it come from a healthy place?

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