You will be tested…


My friend Spencer used to say “In life we all get tested.  Pass the test.”

I was recently “tested” and while I didn’t get 100% I’m happy to say that I passed.

So lets call the class “your life” and the core curriculum “your values”.  

You value truth and yet sometimes it’s hard to tell tell the truth.

You value having a healthy body and at the same time fried dough is soooo good.  

What values are most important to you?

Take a minute and make a list.  

Which are the easiest to live in line with?

Which are the most challenging?

Which of your values currently requires a little extra “study”?

There, as Spencer said, will be tests.

There will also be quizzes.  

The tests are obvious.  

A loved one gets seriously ill

You lose your job

Your marriage falls apart.

The quizzes are less obvious.  

Unless you’re looking for them.  

Will you consider your list of values and throughout the day be aware of “quiz” moments when they are challenged.  


Pass the quizzes

Pass the test

We lost Spencer last year and yet his wise counsel still serves me well.  

I miss him…

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