Three life changing questions…


1.  What do you love?

Question one does not ask “who do you love?”.

It also does not ask “how would you love to be?”.

Nor does it ask “What ONE thing do you love?”

It can be one thing or perhaps 30.

Maybe 300!

For this exercise you get to be the dictionary.

“Love” is there for YOU to define.

One person’s love is another person’s like…

It’s totally up to you.

In list form answer the question “What do you love?”

2.  What scares you?

This is a scary list… literally!

It’s ok.

Allow yourself to go there.

Don’t spend much (if any) time on “why” you are scared.

Be really honest, this can be for your eyes only or you can share it.

If sharing it will make you less honest, I suggest you keep it private.

3.  What’s next?

Journaling your loves and fears will allow you to identify your values and hurdles.

Which hurdles will you climb today?

Which hurdles would you like to begin to climb in a week or two?

Really answer this question and again make it a list as long as your heart.

Consider one more question, if you will…

What do you imagine it will be like to face your fears and do what you love?

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