The worst advice I ever got…

Homeless punk rock kids hang out in Harvard Square.

They sit on blankets, play beat up acoustic guitars and beg for money.

Two summers ago a couple of them got an idea to make some serious cash.

They set up a bad advice booth.

Locals and tourists alike actually stood in line and paid two dollars for what the kids barked to be “The worst advice in Massachusetts”.

Not being able to help myself, I succumbed.

I got in line, paid my $2 and while the advice I got is not fit to print, it’s still not the worst I’ve ever gotten.

It was the funniest however and totally worth the two bucks.

The worst advice I ever got…

Advice that left my jaw on the ground and rendered me utterly flabbergasted came in this one simple sentence.

“Make sure you don’t dream too big”

Shock and anger fell upon me.

Throughout our whole lives people have implied this sentiment but for me it was the first time anyone actually came out and said it.

I was blown away.

I stared in disbelief at the person who happens to be a friend.

I begged them to promise they would never say that to anyone ever again.

He denied my request and defended the statement.

So I am writing today to be the voice that calls you to your dream and to let you know you can make it come true.

I exist in part to call out to the world this truth:

It is impossible to dream too big!!!!!

Chase them down…

Build them huge…

Whatever you do, don’t be “realistic”

Realism does not change the world

I am not calling you to recklessness

Count the cost

Take a big brave breath

live your dream

H. Jackson Brown said “Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.”

Whats your dream?

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7 thoughts on “The worst advice I ever got…

  1. Word! My dream is to some day provide aftercare for women and children rescued from sex trafficking situations. my other dream is to do adoption social work. I WILL DO BOTH!!!!

  2. Jim, some ladies I blog with have a group with a girl (lady) who wrote a book about dreaming big. Her name is Holley Gerth and the book’s name is “You’re Made for a God Sized Dream”- check it out. I totally agree with you btw- that was the worst advice EVER.

  3. Jackson Brown also wrote a song about lawyers in love – or maybe that is some other Jackson Brown but he’s the only Jackson Brown I know. That one song, for me, is the quintessential embodiment of “whatever you do, don’t be realistic”, especially with an album cover that had a Mercedes being used like a Venetian gondola. If he had been realistic he never would have even written the song, and yet it still finds its place on the airwaves. I actually know a man who has met Jackson Brown (and who also played 2 songs with Les Paul – some of his friends still claim he photoshopped the picture of it) and asked him about it. Brown’s response was, “sometimes things just happen.” Any sensible person would have laughed and put the song in a drawer somewhere only to take it out at small gatherings and play it for laughs among friends. Like that song, I often relegate ideas to the back burner because they don’t make any sense. But is that where they belong? Perhaps I have learned to arrest the development of good ideas and I should throw caution to the wind once in a while.

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