Are you are coward?

house fire

Are you are coward?

I didn’t just call you a coward.

I asked if you are one.

Only you can answer that question.

Consider this scenario.

You are standing on the sidewalk and the house is burning down.

Someone you love is trapped inside.

You are terrified to run into the burning building.

Who wouldn’t be?

Suddenly you realize the person you love is more important than your fear.

You risk everything.

You won’t live out your life knowing that fear kept you from trying.

Who knows where that story ends?


Heroic victory?

This isn’t about the outcome.

This is about the moment you decided to move.

James Neil Hollingworth said;

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

What is fear holding you back from?

Can you live with the consequences of standing still?

Seriously… can you?

What would it be like to look over your life and know you spent it on the sidewalk?



Fear that.

Run in the direction of your heart.

What are the simple first steps?

Stop reading.


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